January 3rd, 2019, 12:30 pm
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StrangeWorldComic January 3rd, 2019, 12:30 pm
Happy new year's with a rather...unhappy page.

My resolution for this year is to double the amount of chapters I've completed, bringing the total up to 11 by the end of the year. It's going to be tough, I know that, but this comic is important to me, and I want to give it (and the people who read it) the respect they deserve by being quick and consistent with my upload schedule. Expect to see a lot more of Axel, Floyd, and whoever else in the coming year!
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Berry (Guest) January 5th, 2019, 10:10 am
Sad! She made it up, just a little bit. She's still on the nono list
artofjoe January 5th, 2019, 5:03 pm
he probably is just imitating her, she looks pretty make-up heavy herself.
StrangeWorldComic January 5th, 2019, 6:34 pm
@artofjoe: Hey, when you grow up in a single mother household, you pick up some tendancies from her.
artofjoe January 5th, 2019, 6:44 pm
@StrangeWorldComic: That's what I was thinking. :( dysfunctional marriages can leave kids with some sad side effects. Poor kid. I hope his little sibling is still alive.
StrangeWorldComic January 5th, 2019, 7:02 pm
@artofjoe: well, I won't make you wait another month to find out. I'll have the next page up in a week or so, it'd be quicker if I wasn't out of the country right now, but hey, what can you do eh?
artofjoe January 5th, 2019, 7:08 pm
@StrangeWorldComic: Hahaha, I'm excited to see what you do this year! Cheers for 2019, pal.
StrangeWorldComic January 5th, 2019, 7:09 pm
@artofjoe: You too! Best of luck this year!